Ideal Church Loan

This loan is specially designed to enable churches and its affiliates access credit facilities to complete various projects they are undertaking; from building new infrastructure, to the acquisition of instruments and other needs. Whatever you desire to do as a religious body, we are delighted to partner you in such endeavors.

OTHER Loan Products

Ideal Payroll Loan

It is a term loan granted to Government of Ghana (G.O.G) workers who are on government payroll and whose salaries are processed by the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department. Feature of this loan are as follows;

Ideal Scheme Loan

This facility is designed for organized unions, associations and salaried workers who require short term credit facilities to cater for their personal needs.

Ideal Business/SME Loan

Flexible business lending is a must have for any business. This loan is designed for small and medium scale entrepreneurs to meet their financing needs. Ideal Finance has products designed to propel your business to greater heights with loan products that help you manage your cash flow and business needs. As a partner of your business, we gladly assist with the requisite financing needed to sustain and grow your business.

Ideal Efidie Loan

Financing of vehicles, equipment and other hardware can be heavy on a company’s finances. Sourcing funds to acquire these items can also be stressful. The ideal “efidie” loan is the right financing option for individuals, associations and corporate organizations to acquire equipment to facilitate their operations.

Ideal Import Loan

The product is intended for companies, institutions and individuals who require some form of financial support to clear their goods (i.e. Vehicles, machinery, equipment, consumables etc.) from the port.  This loan facility is designed to finance any part of the import cycle including payment for goods, freight, duty, clearing and handling charges etc.

Ideal Personal Loan

A financial solution for Individuals are tailored to meet a variety of clients’ needs such as rent, hospital bills, school fees, furniture, home appliances etc and it is accessible to both formal and informal sector workers. Our personal Loans are for permanent and contract staff.

Ideal School Loan

This product seeks to provide funding to schools and other educational   institutions to build, expand or renovate their structures. We also provide bridge financing for salary payment while school is in recess.

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